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Tuesday, January 12, 2010

The Sky was Vibrant.

The sky was vibrant today. So blue, in fact, God could roll it up, wrap a Crayola paper on it and sell it in a crayon box for heavenly bodies to color with. That vibrant. And when the sky is vibrant, I want to do vibrant things. Like plant a garden. Paint the house. Write a book. Adopt a couple orphans. Cure cancer. You know, normal things.

But being that I hate disheartenment from unachieved lofty goals, I settled for alternate vibrancy...a bike ride.

A bike ride where I vibrantly cranked the pedals on my not-so-vibrant piece-of-crap bike. Well, it's not really mine. It's Brandyn's old one, and it's very small. And I know I look like this riding it, but it's okay because I'm getting fantastic exercise. Fantastic because the gears are kinda broken and it's stuck on the one that feels like the chains are attached to two lead bricks.

So I pedaled, exhaustively cycling through the lead brick rotations until my thighs twitched and stung and sweat soaked my dyed hair past its already Cleopatran blackness. It was a mess. But Lainey was content, pulled behind the rickety clown bike in her new little cart my dad found on Craigslist. In fact, now that I think of it, the cart I'm sure only added to the clownishness of it all, and when I had to stop in the back of the neighborhood to take a rest and lay the bike down in the middle of the street (broken kickstand, you know) with the cart all cock-eyed and Lainey crying...well, now I'm just laughing hard.

If our life was the cover of a book, it would so not be glossy. It would be torn and pasted with old food and lost somewhere in the back of the library.

...but it would be funny. And real. And ours. Oh, and vibrant.

*Note: Soon after this post was written, the daddy was so kind to buy the mama a new pink, vintage Schwinn bike for Mother's Day. So, don't feel too bad for me. I made out alright.

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